Hook Brooch

    The model for my replica is a UK metal-detector find. It was purchased from Nigel Mills (one of the founders of the Thames Mudlark Society) in 2005 (Gaukler 4579), and is a Thames find. Made of a copper alloy, it is 2.8cm long and the hook is 8mm.

hook brooch originalhook brooch replica
Original                                                    Replica

My brooch is very similar to a hooked brooch found in an early 15th century level of the Thames foreshore? . The MoL brooch is 29.5mm long; less than 2mm longer than mine. The twist in both brooches is in the same direction, but the pin pivots are mirrored. It is interesting to note that the hook is very sharp; yet the position of the very light pin requires that the hook point towards the wearer.

Museum of London SWA81/1493/2113


    Construction of this brooch was simple. I drew some brass wire to match the thickness of the original. I looped the wire around a mandrel held in a vice and then twisted the ends together with pliers. I trimmed off the the short end with snips, and then hammered the ring flat and hammered the twist to tighten it. I filed the hook to sharpen it, and filed a notch for the pin. I finished the brooch by polishing it with modern tools and adding a sharpened pin.

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