Ring Brooch Manufacturing Methods
    Ring, or Annular Brooches have been used in Europe from the first century AD. During the Middle Ages, they were the most popular and varied brooch style. "The ring brooch was broadly speaking simplest and least assuming of medieval brooches, since it was essentially a practical fastener." (Lightbown, p.147)  They were  used to close the necks of shirts, fasten cloaks, close purses, suspend paternosters, and hold up aprons. They were also symbols of status, talismans, and, if made of precious metals, important assets. They were worn by both men and women.

    Usually, I make  my replica ring brooches using the most cost effective method, whether or not those methods are medieval.  Whenever I get the chance, though, I like to make things using accurate and appropriate methods. I was asked by La Belle Compagnie to  help with their Distaff display of  medieval material culture at the Kalamazoo Medieval Conference, which gave me a good reason to make some more medieval pieces.

    Below are three replica brooches, based on  pieces in my collection. Click on the pictures to see how I made them.

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